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Will AI Replace Content Writers?

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Writen by Kohin Bellara

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With all the constant developments in engineering and technologies globally, ever wondered what would happen if AI manages to replace humans in every field?

In the world of Automatic Cars, 3D Printers, Wireless Chargers, Airpods, etc. it has been predicted that in the next 20 years, AI will replace the world’s 45% of jobs which are Farmers, Drivers, Printers & Publishers (Newspapers, Magazines), Cashiers, Manufacturing Workers, Telecom Dispatchers, Waiters & Bartenders, Bankers, Military Pilots & Soldiers, Fast Food Workers, Telemarketers, Accountants, Stock Traders, Construction Workers, etc. But could AI replace creative individuals like Content Writers? This remains a big question and even scares the person writing this blog!

To sum it up, let's figure out what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI is a new-age technology defined as “the simulation of human intelligence processed by a computer system”, a part and parcel of computer science that builds machines with algorithms and automation to perform tasks that require human intelligence.

The main motive of AI is to do day-to-day tasks real quick unlike humans for example Alexa, Siri, Google Maps, etc. This has spiked the debate about Whether AI could replace Content Writers in the coming future and what shall we do? (I cannot code!)

So, how does AI Write?

With an inbuilt command and algorithms, AI can be pre-programmed to write with the help of technologies such as Deep Learning and Language Processing using millions of data samples stored in its database. Deep Learning tries to clone the peculiarity of the human brain in the form of data and Natural Language Processing analyses the communication, language, grammar, dialect pattern of humans to adapt. This way, the AI learns to read and understand the human language, learn word definitions, grammatical rules to structure sentences as humans do, following the command given by a user about the format, copy and tone.

The following steps simply summarize AI’s writing ability:
1. Using algorithms to collect data and find meaningful words.
2. Process the data and place the words to form a sentence to convert it into text on its own.

AI must have adapted to write transcripts and short copies but it cannot replace the creative outreach of humans. Many science-fiction writers have predicted AI to take over humans in the coming future but that’s not completely possible in the case of Content Writing and creativity.

Present Scenario of AI in Writing

AI might have developed enough to produce a product copy to businesses such as Alibaba and Associated Press which depend upon AI for copywriting but most of which still require human interference since AI is not reliable enough to produce more than just score results or product features.

Applications such as like Grammarly, headline generators, plagiarism checkers, etc. are a few examples of AI aiding humans in writing. Apart from that, Persado, QuilBotl and Wordsmith are developing their products every day to become fully dependent on AI for writing. These tools however have received mixed reviews by the users, stating that “the copy produced is similar to what it has produced for other competitive brands. The tools are useful in generating subject lines but sometimes the results are a bit ridiculous!”

AI writing tools might have established success in aiding writers in small-scale tasks but AI cannot clone human abilities like nuance, creativity, emotions and empathy which are by far much needed in non-fictional writing and storytelling.

The Future of Content Writersand AI

We can go on and on about the abilities and disabilities of AI in terms of writing, but to arrive at a conclusion, we believe humans are born storytellers with emotional thinking capacity since we have a soul and not any algorithm-coded database. AI can simulate but cannot express which is why Content Writers Job isn’t at stake!

However, AI has proven to be revolutionary in manufacturing technologies and there is a possibility in the future for advancement in AI-powered tools for scalability, fact-checking, keyword scattering, writing product descriptions, etc. But as long as brands want to stand out with a unique identification in the market, humans will remain practical in the approach.

So calm down Content Writers, no robot is going to replace you and you probably do not need to learn coding!

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