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Difference Between Social Media And Digital Marketing: Complete Guide

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Writen by Kohin Bellara

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It is true that Digital agencies also provide social media management services. But people are often bewildered by the question of whether social media is a type of digital marketing? Let's debug the confusion here, Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing not the whole of it. Now it adversely depends on the category of business you are in, to decide which digital services you wish to use and in how many ratios. Let's make this more definite. Digital marketing is using the web to promote and ultimately sell a product or service to online customers. Even the TV and radio come under digital services which began in the late '80s. This teaches us that digital marketing is not a new facet & there is a lot of difference between digital marketing and social media marketing. The advancement of the internet helped the rise of digital media. Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a very influential way today for brands who want to directly engage with their targeted customer base.
Even though it is a component of digital marketing for some it may be the only or dominant threshold occupant driving sales for the business. Let's bifurcate their roles in detail.

What is Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

As per the books, Digital marketing comprises everything which you can buy and sell online. Businesses use the internet to showcase their brands, services and highlight their products through digital marketing strategies.

    The distinct types of digital marketing tools are:-
  • Websites marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM- Social Media Marketing
  • PPC- Price Per Click
  • E-Mail Marketing

All come under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.
People do often ask if companies like Amazon are doing digital marketing to sell products from different vendors online? Yes but Amazon is an e-commerce website which has established a platform for many vendors to showcase their products. They do use digital marketing tools to make their e-commerce portal popular so that traffic is generated onto the website.
You can infer Digital Marketing to be a house with various important rooms. Social Media Is one of the living rooms occupying major space and relevance in the house of digital marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing definition:-

Businesses using social media platforms to showcase their products through posting pictures, reels, videos & additional content in a manner which engages their targeted crowd and supports the conversion of leads is called Social Media Marketing.
It started with brands using social networking websites which were meant for colloquial conversations, connecting with family friends, building a community, posting news, updates and other casual happenings to promote their products and entice the ones following to buy.
The lists of Apps and Websites which drive the current Social Media Marketing surfeit are as follows:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Snap chat
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Linked IN

With the help of these wizards, brand owners have been able to reach out to millions of customers at negligible costs. Since these websites have no fees for signing up, account holders have the leverage to make a company page and exhibit the array of products for free viewing for their customers.

How do they work?

By now you know the top differences between Social Media and digital marketing but did you know how social media marketing is used for promoting businesses? Even though social media is a part of Digital Marketing it deflects traffic onto the actual digital marketing tool. For example:- A new range of clothing line is launched on the web page of a leading Apparel Store. They announce the launch on their social media pages and divert their followers to their official e-commerce website. Social media works faster than various other techniques and algorithms available on the web today.

The main purpose of social media is to

  • -Bring people closer and better connected.
  • -Viral news spread in a short period.
  • -Get opinions of people through likes, dislikes & comments.
  • -Platform where people have a voice to express anything they wish to.
  • - Be aware and abreast with the latest trends.

Hence, the social media page does the role of reaching out to a much larger audience way faster since it has a ready set of followers constantly talking about various subjects.

Why has social media become more important than other digital marketing methods?

People who search the internet for buying products also search the internet for customer reviews, feedback and marketing strategies which help them make their purchase decisions. Today a customer can write complaints & grievances on the company's social media pages and expect a reply from their customer service departments. In case any company is not active on social media and doesn't have a strong ORM team in place, customers feel the company could be a fraud & are hiding away product information from them. In short, social media presence is a must for any classification of business today. A business could be a startup but one needs a strong backing of engaging social media content to convert it into a brand.


Which type of Digital Marketing tool will be best suited for your business?

As the owner, one should do thorough scrutiny of the nature of the brand and target the right audience who would be interested in pursuing the product.

Types of Digital Marketing Services:-

  • Websites marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM -Social Media Marketing
  • PPC- Price Per Click
  • E-Mail Marketing

Using expert opinion from a digital marketing agency, generate a strategic plan which should be formulated to lead to the primary goal of brand awareness and driving sales. Ultimately select the ones which help you float your boat.

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Before we move on to the next normal a big shout out to all the marketers out there for putting their grey cells into their brand. We as a civilisation are now adapted to numerous changes and so we are sure you have become even more agile and focused on planning the new future for your brand. Embrace the change and challenge yourself the future will be yours!

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