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Why Is It Important For Startups To Start Engaging In Digital Marketing

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Writen by Kohin Bellara

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The Startup Scene
The only thing about startups is that it is better to start something than to start nothing at all. The craziest and wackiest startup ideas could even come while you're in the shower. In India alone, the government has recognized 61,400 startups as per the 2020-2021 Economic survey report. Today not every startup is worried about capital investment and funding only because Digital Marketing has subtracted the cost of heavy branding and outmoded Marketing budgets.

How can startups go all Digital?

The Digital transformation that the world has adopted post-2016 has made a huge shift from retail outlets. A new marketplace has been created on the web and every brand is welcomed there. It is called D2C, which means Direct to Customers. Social Media has opened windows of customer viewership and shifted focus from Television Media. Today, 4.48 billion people havesocial media accounts across the globe, which is almost 56.8% of the global population.

Digital Marketing Guide for your Startup Success

1)Improve your content with the help of SEO

Get ranked among your peers and competitors with the right SEO techniques applied towards creating and placing your content on us. Your website should show up whenever your target audience is running a search on the web.

The preliminary step to developing your brand visibility on conventional search engines is by completing keyword research. For startups, it's wiser to target long-tail keywords, chiefly due to three major benefits that they offer:

  • Coherent intent
  • Smaller competition
  • They represent a massive part of searches

One should also remember to add paid ads.sustainable SEO has an organic approach and can take a while to get till it receives a stability. To accelerate the process, paid adverts can help achieve quicker results if the most accurate keywords are used.

2)Write Blogs frequently

The consumer is on a constant search for the best products and brands, and today everyone is willing to experiment and bestow trust in start-ups too. Customers do a lot of research on the web before buying a certain product. Buyers today need enough informative content which can compel them to make decisions. Thus, create an SEO friendly blog space of your own and keep updating it with the right keywords to reach the right audiences. HubSpot detected that organizations that distributed 16 blog entries every month got 4.5 times more leads compared to those with 0 to 4 posts.

3)Connect with your audience through personalized messages

Mobile and Email Marketing perhaps is the best option to connect on a personal level with your customer. It's always nice to receive personal attention while being provided with services among a crowd. Currently, agencies send out personalised messages to followers via email, WhatsApp business accounts, and SMS to encourage them to open the message and be redirected to the website.

For instance, messages with customized headlines are 26% more likely to be opened.

4)Infuse and invest in Social Media Marketing

At no given point today can any business ignore social media marketing. Every individual today uses social media to connect with friends, family and brands.

  • Content marketing is the king of social media marketing.
  • Visually appealing vehicles like videos, statics, GIFs etc. will help keep the audience engaged.
  • Regularly share relevant content.
  • Conduct paid promotions for wider outreach.

We found out that 73℅ business owners use social media today and have found it promising.

5)Monitor and Maintain Tracking tools for measuring the company's performance.

After puting in all the time, money and resources, one needs to be certain if the direction and strategies put in place are working or not. Also, have the implementations scaled or have their downfall. So set realistic objectives and goals for your digital marketing strategies and measure their performance promptly. It is almost mandatory to track the aftermath, only to keep improvising on your marketing techniques for the future.

Benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Startups.

Many startups are in the preconceived notion that they can do without an agency.

It is always good to have a structured way of working on your campaigns. It becomes a lot more seamless and streamlined when done by experts. The best advertising and digital marketing agencies in the world will assist you with remedies like:-

  • Creating a thought driven identity of the brand
  • Work on a creative logo
  • A website for user traffic to land on
  • Identifying a personality for the brand
  • Set the tonality and lingo for communication
  • Identifying the target audiences
  • Digital video making
  • Posting on Social media sites with account management.
  • Graphic designing
  • Analytics reporting
  • Suggesting which digital channel will work best for your business (including SEO, PPC, social media, video production, and more)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Google Ads

No company is too young to hire an agency. And startups do not have all the aptitude of that of an agency. A little investment can help your brand from the very beginning. After all, it is a long term vision for the brand's future you're vesting your interest in.

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