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How to Use Social Media Marketing Tools for Instagram Growth

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Writen by Sneha Bellara

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Social media marketing is important in today’s digital marketing strategy. With over one billion active users, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media platform for small businessese to reach out to their target audience and boost their brand visibility. However, managing an Instagram account can be a daunting task.Fortunately, there are numerous social media marketing tools that can help you grow your Instagram account quickly and efficiently.
In this blog, we will cover the use of social media marketing tools for Instagram growth. We will also highlight the best and free social media marketing tools for scheduling and analytics. Lastly, we will explore the social media marketing tools for Instagram automation.

Using Social Media Marketing Tools for Instagram Growth

Using social media marketing tools can help you streamline your Instagram account and grow your followers. Here are some ways to use social media marketing tools for Instagram growth:

  • Schedule Posts: Posting regularly on Instagram is crucial for maintaining audience engagement but keeping up with the frequent posting can be challenging.Social media marketing tools can help you schedule posts and save time allowing us you stay on top of your content calendar.
  • Analyse Data: Analyzing data is essential for understanding your audience and improving your content strategy. Social media marketing tools provide valuable insights into your followers, engagement rate, and post-performance. Analyzing this data can help you create more relevant and engaging content for your audience.
  • Knowing the best social media marketing tools is crucial to develop Instagram growth techniques will help your business gain more followers and reach a larger audience. We have nine terrific tactics you can work on putting into practice right away to help you get started.

Knowing the best social media marketing tools is crucial to develop Instagram growth techniques will help your business gain more followers and reach a larger audience. We have nine terrific tactics you can work on putting into practice right away to help you get started.

Ready to get started?

Instagram Growth Techniques to Increase Your Follower Number:

1. Consistent Posting

Consistency is crucial when it comes to social media marketing, as you may have heard before.
You need to post frequently if you want to see any kind of reach on social media because each platform's algorithm determines content visibility.
If you don't post every day on Instagram, your reach will be limited, with posts appearing only once every two weeks in the feeds.
Be regular while remaining consistent. For the algorithm to identify your active account to your fans, it is important to maintain and update frequent Instagram presence.

2. Share a Variety of Content Types

There are various content types and formats to share on Instagram
For instance, you should aim to publish content on your feed once or twice every day. Your Instagram stories and reels should be captivating and provide your followers with more engaging content.
What should you post, though? Share posts around different topics to keep it interesting.
Here are some excellent illustrations of what you ought to share on Instagram:

  • Product images
  • User-created material
  • Contests and giveaways for video content
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Testimonials
  • Motivational sayings
  • Memes
  • Current issues

3. Influencers

Influencer marketing is a key Instagram growth strategy. Finding the right influencers, getting in touch with them, and developing a plan to help them spread the word about your businesses are all part of Influencer marketing.

List of Close Friends: You can create a list of close friends using Instagram Threads features, which controls who can see your status updates and messages. This component permits you to organize a more close friend network, guaranteeing a private and secure climate for sharing individual minutes.
Finding the top and relevant influencers to work with, can be done in a different ways. Spend some time exploring the platform to identify influencers who have comparable target audiences.
For instance, analyze the profile and audience of various influencer types such as mom, fitness, and lifestyle influencers to decide if promoting your product through them is a good option.
Next is to make contact with potential partners. Many influencers give their direct email or the email of their agent in their bio, making it easy for you to contact them for collaborations.
Following your initial outreach, you'll get a media kit with details on the packages and costs. Keep in mind that if you have a limited budget, it's best to target influencers with smaller followings.
You can then decide together, how the influencer campaign can be designed. Do you offer free merchandise? Will they visit your place of business?
Discuss about the best ways they can promote your product, but give them enough creative freedom so that the content complements what they already produce.

4. Engage With Your Audience

To boost your Instagram organic growth, actively engage with your audience.
Try responding to every remark, tag, and communication that you get (within reason). Responding thoughtfully to any feedback from your audience will show them that you are valuing their input and listening to them.
(Again, in moderation. Negative comments should be treated sensitively and your shouldn’t get involved too much in responding spam messages. Understand reputation management better to know how to handle those circumstances.)
Create material that is sparks audience interests and encourages their involvement by comments etc.
Your Instagram stories are the best social media marketing tool for this. It's a terrific approach to encourage your audience engagement because there are various stickers option to utilize.
Add question stickers for AMAs (Ask Me Anythings), link to a fundraiser, include a countdown, offer links to your product pages, and much more for interaction.
Participate in users content to interact with yours. Locate relevant accounts, then like and comment on their posts. This raises the likelihood of you being discovered by new audience and further spread the word about your account.
On Instagram, increasing organic engagement is a two-way street, so don’t forget to interact with other user’s content.

5. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

You have 150 characters for your Instagram bio, so use them wisely.
This makes it very clear to potential followers what your company does so they can determine right away whether they want to follow you and make purchases from your company.
Provide a concise summary of your company that reflects your brand identity.
Don't forget to include a call to action and a link to your website, and consider creating a dedicated landing page for Instagram using a link-in-bio tool to boost clicks and conversions.
You may do this to maximize the use of your single Instagram bio link and link out from each of your posts, sending followers to several different pages.

6. Utilize Instagram Insights

Use Instagram’s free insights and analytics to check the success of your posts and whether they are reaching potential clients. To check insights of your Instagram business account, go to your settings and access Insights from the main menu.
Instagram insights give detailed information on post engagement i.e. the number of likes, comments, views, reach, clicks, and other interactions.
Use this data to include more of those in your content calendar which perform well and are the most well-liked by your followers.
With the help of these insights, you will be able to check if your content is reaching the right audience. You can then change your content depending on the demographics data of your audience.

7. Write Engaging Captions

Another crucial component of Instagram growth is your caption. Maximize the use of character count of 2,200 that is available.
Engage your audience by sharing a proper story, but keep in mind that not every post needs to be lengthy.
To make the best use of your caption, start with a strong opening statement to grab attention and encourage followers to click the "See more" button. When your Instagram post calls for it, tell a story, and always conclude with a call to action.
This will inspire your audience to take action, whether it's liking your post, leaving a comment, or visiting your profile to learn more about your business.

8. Run Instagram Ads

To increase your growth rate on Instagram, it's important to have a marketing budget. While organic growth is important, advertising and promoting posts can help expand your reach even further.
You can generate Instagram advertising from your Facebook business manager if your profile is linked.
You can design various kinds of advertising, including:

  • Add images
  • Ad carousels
  • Add videos
  • Stories advertisements
  • Ads on reels
  • Advertisements for stores
  • Investigate advertisements


If you want to expand your Instagram account entirely organically, the first eight tactics are excellent, but having some sort of advertising budget can help you do so even more quickly.
Implement these Instagram growth tactics right away.
A successful Instagram development plan involves many factors. Optimizing profile, creative diverse content and writing great captions are important. Consistency and creativity are the key but don’t forget to seek professional help when needed.
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