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Writen by Kohin Bellara

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From a bird's eye view, Digital Marketing's visual presence is personified and replaced the actual presence of humans today. We now no longer need a salesperson knocking door to door explaining the features of a product in the most energetic and overly repeated catchphrases convincing the customer to buy the product. Instead, we have displaced these human salesmen with attractive websites, e-brochures, graphics, images, videos, GIFs, reels, etc. known as marketing collaterals which help drive sales & brand awareness to a much larger number of prospective targeted customers. This digital innovation thanks to the inventions in the Designing and Development field has been revolutionary. Without technology coming into being the digital transformation probably wouldn't have occurred for the world.

It all comes down to the final tangible thing you can see of your brand. The conceptualizing, theories, statistics, research, ideations, branding, content placing, product positioning has to emerge into creative artwork. The creation of this artwork involves a host of aptitude which requires a basic skill set. It is a designer's 3rd eyed vision that can see the future of a particular output and give you feedback on how this product or service will be perceived by the targeted user. The designer may be naive in business development, finance or operations but he or she has to have an edge of understanding for the end-user. The designing team gives the brand a personality. We, humans, connect emotions with almost everything and so it is the job of the designer to give those emotions and feelings, a digital life.

Digital marketers across the globe have levels which they cross to be able to deliver the maximum sales conversions for a client.

Designing plays a key role in knobbing the attractions towards the brand and its communications.

At this level, the designer has to draft, dress, style and make an architectural framework skeleton of your web presence. The framework has to hit the perfect blend of the personality of the brand, visual transmission, information through messages and consumer interface. All this is to reach the most accurate target audience. The combination of these aspects will evoke the customer to perform the desired efforts and help in sales conversions.

Designing is thus not just a canvas of colors, templates and images; it involves a deep sense of art, science and psychology to create adigital presence for a brand

How to improve your graphic and web designing skills:-

reativity - One has to have a knack for thinking differently to be a creative designer. Creativity is the most important skill for graphic designing .

Communication - A lot goes into understanding a particular concept. Graphic designers need to create what's in the client's mind. Only by asking the relevant questions will they be able to bring the ideas out. Communication is the key to bringing the best out of the team's efforts into artwork.

Font styles - Imaginative fonts are easily available today. A good graphic designer should be able to procure the right fonts which are legible and impressive looking. The designer should have this skill and understand its use effectively.

Technology - Designing is a technology-driven profession. To keep up with its fast pace developments is a KRA in itself. Learning and keeping updated with the latest technological enhancements is an important facet of designing.

Research - Since designing involves a creative mind and creativity to every individual is of its own.

Exploration should be an ongoing activity. With the availability of the web and so much inspiring information, there is infinite scope to learn. A designer should do enough research and seek inspiration from online and offline sources for the best result.

Along with the above, a designer should develop and be aware of basic coding skills, study the theory of graphic designing , speak to other designers about their experiences, be adaptable and accept criticism, be prepared to receive multiple changes and also learn presentation skills.

Development - In Digital marketing design and development work hand in hand. The entire process of developing a webspace is to Integrate web traffic which implicates specialized skills. The role of the website for your business is to open doors to the world for you. Hence its role is noteworthy. Along with website social media approaches, email marketing, etc. play additional vehicles for developing doorways to your business. Each channel has to have its strategic approach. The best way to plan these strategies is to put yourself in the consumer's shoes.

A website should ideally be: -

  • User friendly
  • Responsive
  • Easy to access and navigate
  • Good functionality
  • Visually appealing
  • Social media integrated
  • Engaging Content
  • Sales driven
  • E-commerce/Static
  • Technological advanced
  • SEO friendly

We at DGS would suggest business owners should draft a road map as to what they wish to gain from the website. Also, how would you want a sales cycle to run on the website? All these parameters should concur to be able to gain maximum traffic.

Building a development plan - Now that a design is in place along with a business web model we need to get on to the next level which is engaging and developing the traffic onto the website. Let's stick to the basics which will be most appropriate to your business plan. A website needs to now include SEO, paid Google ads, paid Facebook ads, PPC ads, paid campaigns on social media, email marketing, etc. The entire motive to include budgets here will be to get eyeballs on your website.

Tracking - Analyzing your performance is essential only because one should be aware if we are on the right trace according to market trends. There are analytical tools available for us to monitor our performance on the web. Optimum tracking can help identify missteps and overcome our flaws. Regular research in these domains will help us be on the top of the game

Connecting and engaging - To keep the constant flow of traffic and customer interface on to the website a series of newsletters, snippets, blogs, e-books, podcasts, videos, reels, GIFs, images, Live sessions, PR press releases, webcasts, etc. need to be published. All these parameters will provide consistency in viewership. Align and streamline all your strategies and avail the most important level of engaging the audience. Keep in touch with your audience via social media. All of this together will efficiently help your leads to convert into sales.

Since we now know the difference between designing and developing and the various skills sets required to excel in these areas make sure the functionality is not compromised with designing and vice versa. Each level of design and development has its significance. It's better to ask questions at every step to understand how the interconnect will bring the best outcome. Make sure you practice the best trends with the latest technology and stay up to date with the market. May these tips help you create the best web space for your business growth.

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