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5 Key Social Media Marketing Tip To Push Your Sales

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Writen by Sneha Bellara

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media today is a click away on most devices globally. Social media marketing is a channel through which brands engage with audiences & promote/ market their products/services. It is the art of showcasing your products to the online world with the right content, creative & channel. Social media gives organizations a platform to interact with their current clients and attract new ones. while allowing them to promote the desired tone, culture, or mission.

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Powerful?

The global population today is 8 billion people and almost half of the world’s population which is 4.55 Billion people use social media today. The ability of social media to have its reach globally makes it easier for brands to reach their audience to their maximum potential. It is just like the wheels of a car that takes the car ahead, we can say Social media marketing is the wheels of a brand that moves it ahead to the final destination.

  • Role of Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • The days of limiting your media consumption to conventional channels are long gone. Given that most companies have limited marketing budgets, it makes sense to use them wisely. Social media marketing has the potential to be very profitable. With strategic understanding and planning, it is easier to reach the maximum audience with budget investment. Due to this broad scope of growth in the field of social media marketing, agencies providing these services should be accessible to their clients & potential prospects along with a strong workforce in social media expertise.

    The social media world is on the run every day and keeping up with the latest trends may get tricky. Hence, many companies resort to teaming up with agencies as the brands may lack the technical knowledge on social media & can also focus on other sectors of business. The services they opt for may include social media management and even paid to advertise depending on the requirements.

  • Sales and Advertising through Digital Platforms
  • We use social media on a daily basis to interact, share experiences, etc, but generating revenue from these platforms may not be as easy as just interacting. Brands invest in other online platforms like SEO, PPC and Email marketing. However, social media is another great investment that helps in increasing sales for your brand.

    54% B2B marketers claim to have found leads through social media marketing. Hence, it is time for you to up your social media game and skyrocket your sales. Today, in this blog we are listing down a few of the many techniques that will help you in generating revenue through social media and even create an impact for your brand.

  • Startup Businesses using SMM for their sales
  • Launching a new business? Want to create recognition in the market?
    Creating awareness in the early phases of your business should be prioritized and social media is a great way to create awareness.

    Social media platforms allow brands to maximize their reach with low investment and are also equipped with a varied range of features. A strategic social media marketing plan that sets you apart from your competitors will help in widening the reach of your brand. Standing out from your competitors is essential.

    There are a number of tools that makes this easier and we have curated the best list to assist you in your social media marketing journey which will not only accelerate your growth but will also make managing and strategizing easy.

  • Tips to Boost Sales
  • Set Specific Goals

    The goals you set for your brand will help you target and reach the audience better. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T where they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. First, create goals for your brand and based on those goals, set your social media goals. Your first target can be as easy as reaching 1000 people in a span of 1 month and if your planning is on par then this goal is definitely achievable. Creating goals that are achievable will also keep you motivated as you strike out each one of them.

    Find the right set of audience

    Aiming blindly will lead to no results. Hence, research your audience based on your brand. Ask questions like who will need your product? What age would they be? Which country is this product/service most relevant to? Dig out questions about your brand requirement & research your competitors for a better understanding. Once your audience is set, create your strategy around it.

    Choose the right social media platforms

    As a brand stepping newly into the social media market, being present on every platform may get overwhelming. Also, having a track of every platform and curating different content for different platforms is not easy. Hence, we suggest choosing the platforms where your target audience is the most active. It's better to choose 3 to 4 social media channels and create specific content instead of being everywhere.

    Create a strategy that works for your brand

    Your strategy is directly proportional to your brand’s growth on social media. Create a strategy that resonates with your target audience and brand. A strategy that works for your competitor may not necessarily work for you. Hence, idealize your brand and create strategic social media communication around it.

    Organise a content calendar and bank

    As it is rightly said, consistency is the key. It is the same with Social Media, being consistent and active creates a major difference in creating awareness as well as helps in keeping up with the social media algorithms. Content banks and calendars help in these cases as you can stay up to date with your postings and upcoming events.

    Use storytelling techniques

    Stories are a great way to talk through your content. Good Content should be understandable by all and relatable to many, as this would help in creating an effective impact on the audience. On social media your content is one of your most important pillars, so make sure you use it wisely and speak through it.

    Personalize your brand

    Humanize your brand inorder to create an impact within your audience. Interacting as the face of your brand will help you reach wider audiences along with creating awareness. Personalize it with brand colors and color-coordinated grids.

Steps for an effective social media marketing strategy

Audit your social presence

Make sure your brand resonates through your social media. Optimize your social media pages with images and the right bio. Make sure you add keywords relevant to your brand in the bio. Analyze your competitors and compare your brand identity to help create a better strategy.

Document your target market

Your target audience is your selling point. Hence, curate it to your best possible knowledge. Build a buyer persona based on age, location, job title, income, problems your business can solve, and social platform used.

Set essential success criteria

Smaller goals help you achieve desired results. Track important metrics like monitoring your website's conversion rate, time spent there, reach, brand mentions, sentiment, and overall shares

Create engaging content

Content is the holy grail today. Your content speaks about your brand, make sure it is communicated well and reaches the right audience. Images, videos, blog articles, corporate news, infographics, ebooks, and interviews are a few content types that can be added to your strategy as per your niche.

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