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7 Web Series for Marketing & Advertising geeks.

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Writen by Sneha Bellara

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Today, the internet ecosystem is filled with content for all ages, from school kids, working professionals, housewives to aged people, there is entertainment for all.

Out of all the available mediums, TV shows are the most aggressively consumed content amongst the millennial audience who likes to binge-watch a lot. Genres like Crime, Action-Thriller, Comedy, Romance, etc. are mainstream that dominates the OTT market. But as everything comes at a cost, apart from subscription charges, another valuable resource is being heavily charged by these shows is - Time!

Consumers knowingly or unknowingly spend a reckless amount of time binge-watching these shows which doesn’t make any impact on their waking life except idolizing and talking about the protagonist on Pinterest.

Hence, we believe it is important to gain something from investing your time even if it is a web series, which is why we have curated a list of 7 Must-Watch Web Series for all the Marketers & Advertisers to take real-life inspiration in their work because you can surely work as a successful Marketer/Advertiser but you can definitely not run a Mexico based Drug-Cartel! (Unless you want to!)

Here is the List of 7 TV Shows for Marketers & Advertisers


Released in 2007, this American period drama TV Series on Prime gives a fabulous experience into the Agency-Life back in the pre-digital era of the 1960s, relating to what goes behind the company structure, client interactions and entire creative process.

The trailer kicks off with “Advertising is based on one thing – Happiness” dialogue, which clearly reflects the core of advertising and the show offers great tips to club marketing strategies to earn customer happiness.

The series divulges the idea of “showing customers not what your product is, but how it will improve their life.”

Emily in Paris

This Netflix Series was released in 2020, following the story of Emily who leaves her job in America and lands in Paris for a new opportunity to work for a French-based Marketing Firm in Paris.

Facing challenges in a new country with different work culture, colleagues, friends and love life seemed difficult to Emily in the first place. But as we say, “when work is a pleasure life is joy”, her career took off because she loved what she did and social media marketing is her thing!

Her constant knack for working for clients made her unstoppable because it was more than “just work” to her and this is how one must have an approach towards his/her career.

The Social Dilemma

A Netflix Documentary which dared to show the “Dark Side of the Internet.” Released in 2020, this documentary takes us behind the scenes into what goes on inside the tech giants whom we have given our data blindly without knowing what sort of consequences or outcomes it can create in the future.

The most insightful lesson from “The Social Dilemma” is that we must question everything we read on the internet especially if it is based on our likes and preferences because if it goes into the wrong hands, social media can surely become a potentially lethal weapon.

Your curiosity about social media and the internet will increase 10 times after watching this documentary.

Shark Tank

Released in 2009, this series is based on a group of Entrepreneurs from around the world who pitch their business model to a panel of investors and entice them to invest in their idea.

Marketers would relate to the show’s guest entrepreneurs who try to impress the Sharks a.k.a investors with their ideas in a limited window. The sales and marketing strategies for the raw ideas make this show a memorable one!


An American satirical comedy series released in 2018 on Prime, revolves around a media conglomerate owned by a family whose head of business experiences a decline in health and his four children compete with one another to take the throne.

Few key lessons such as observing current business practices to apply in taking over new clients and having authenticity in ideas brought to the table for the longevity of success make this show a worth-it for Marketers.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

A 2016 documentary on Netflix about people who sold their prized possessions to live a minimalistic lifestyle and canceling the mantra of “The more, the better.”

Marketers can understand and learn the idea of “Quality over Quantity” and the impact of minimalism in copywriting and designing which results in the best way to connect with the audiences.


A CNBC documentary series released in 2016 explores the $600 Billion global advertising industry through having a conversation with marketing executives behind some of the world’s best-known brands.

Marketers can discover the approach of successful Brand Builders , from where they come from and where are they heading towards. The show covers everything from media consumption, on-the-verge technology breakthroughs and most importantly, budget allocations.

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