We are overwhelmed to make noise straight into the ears of your consumers with the help of Podcasts – the newest medium in the content consumption segment wherein consumers can listen and learn about your product while driving, commuting, etc. at their convenience on various top-notch music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, etc. We at D’Genius Solutions can help brands establish their own language to target a specific niche of audience and build a community to flourish in the content creation space on the Internet. A compelling and persuasive Podcast can gradually drive consumers from platforms to websites and websites to sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services to us is the process of creating tailored content and promoting it on social media platforms to connect your brand with your audience, build brand awareness, drive sales and website traffic. The key to successful social media marketing is having a strategy. D'Genius Solutions aims at being one of the best social media marketing agencies in the coming years by successfully executing reliable and result-driven strategies for the brand across various sectors. Top social media platforms we use for brand marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the No.1 platform for B2B lead generation and the world's largest professional networking site. Using an appropriate LinkedIn marketing strategy to network, connect and sell for you is what we mastered. Thus, LinkedIn marketing services channelized in the right direction is a great tool for targeting and turning high-quality prospects into customers.

Design & Development

Design in marketing is the visual stimuli for a brand. It speaks for the company through various ad banners, graphics, and design elements. We serve the right purpose of a creative designing agency by understanding the lifestyle and core of a brand or business and its aesthetic through a genuine look and feel for its audience.

Copy & Content

Copy and Content creation is an eminent service in marketing. The right copy will promote the content curated for brand awareness, build a tailored audience and compel sales. As a copy & content marketing agency we ensure serving our clients quality copy and content.

Copywriting features: Advertise a product/service, describe a product/service, Sell a product/service.

Content writing & producing features: Curate brand associated & authentic content to be promoted through copy & design, increase brand positivity, bring in associates and relationships for the brand/business.

Digital Strategy

Why do you need a digital strategy?
A digital strategy provides a suitable direction for the brand or business to follow digitally. The strategy aims to lead the brand with a digital vision that walks in alignment with ambitious marketing solutions provided by a team of digital experts. These strategies use content, tools, platforms, and various digital mediums to meet the business objectives of the brand.Digital marketing strategy development is the way towards making guides that manage entrepreneurs and advertisers in accomplishing their image targets.  To secure a competitive situation in the online commercial centre, each industry chief should have a complete web showcasing plan to carry out tasks and hit business goals. Many advertisers, notwithstanding, get right into search engine marketing (SEM) without a substantial promoting technique plan. This is a terrible move, as the maxim goes: "Neglecting to design is intending to fizzle."  Without a digital marketing plan, your search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing efforts will battle to make headway, what's more, you will not see the profit from speculation (ROI) you're expecting.

A few key points that account for digital strategy are:
○ Research & information gathering
○ Content marketing
○ Tool to execute content
○ Data personalization & Analytics
○ Set goals and vision
○ Website strategy
○ Transform results actively
Process of Brand Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

SEO- Search engine optimization is the art and science combined to bring traffic to your  website by ranking your brand on any search platform using intent-based keywords.
Copywriting features: Advertise a product/service, describe a product/service, Sell a product/service.

○ It's about understanding what your audience is searching for online.
○ SEO acts as a definite answer to people who are trying to look out for your brand.
○ SEO also helps the brand know their audience and target them by using web crawlers by optimizing and promoting
off-page content for your brand.

We at D'Genius Solutions specialize in giving the best search engine optimization services by developing campaigns that deliver skyrocketing results with keyword search, on-page and off-page optimization.

Best SEO Agency Benefits Of SEO

Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Effectively target your audience to build recognition that gets results. It boosts sales and revenue by driving in trusted and potential customers with relevant information. Email marketing promotes newsletters, custom emails, brand stories, transactional emails, and lead nurturing emails.

Here are the five most basic sorts of emailers:
○ Newsletter emails :
Pamphlets are mainstream and are normally conveyed on a reliable timetable. They frequently contain the company's blog content, upcoming events, and any updates about your company that would bear some significance for consumers.
○ Lead nurturing emails :
These messages include controlling your leads through a sales funnel and converting them into customers. The overall thought of lead support is at your endorsers are not yet prepared to purchase from you.
○ Promotional emails :
Limited time messages are very normal in email advertising, which is the reason it's imperative to enhance them as opposed to sending the old "15% off" sort of email. One approach to accomplish this is by featuring the item or administration on offer and afterward adding some important substance about the thing you're selling.
○ Survey emails :
You'll possibly improve at what you're doing if you ask for feedback. The survey email allows you to understand what you're getting right and
what you can enhance. It can likewise assist you with understanding your clients better and what they're keen on getting from your image.
○ Social Media Filters :
Brands can give their customers a highly interactive and engaging experience with the filters they create for them.

Types of filters you can engage your clients with :
○ Makeup/Beauty filter
○ Theme oriented filter
○ Festival oriented filter
○ Filter for a cause or social message promotion
○ Trendsetting filter
○ Brand based photo frame filter