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Growth Hacking using Growth Marketing & Digital Marketing

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Writen by Kohin Bellara

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People often ask what does digital growth mean? A business's growth can be measured eventually when it comes down to the numbers. When things can be quantifiable and tangibly seen. Buyers and Business owners are getting very aggressive when it comes to buying and selling on the web today. Brand owners want to see results for their efforts put into Digital hacking Strategies. Growth Marketing for business growthmay be a recent term but is picking up tremendous momentum in this domain. Even though it is interlinked with Digital Marketing the theory of its working is unique.If you're one of those who are confused regarding the equation between Growth Marketing & Digital Marketing you have stopped at the right place. Digital Agencies & Growth Hacking Agencies today adapt to both these methodologies for attaining brand recognition, recall value and sales conversion. Let's look at the co-relations between the two.

What is a Growth Marketing Strategy?

We define digital growth as an ordered process centred around the new age consumer journey that consolidates marketing, sales, operations, and IT to increase website traffic, generate leads and convert those leads into sales.
A growth marketing strategyis a company's digital plan for withstanding existing and forthcoming challenges to realise its goals for proliferation. Examples of growth strategy goals include increasing the online market space & accumulating the rise in lead conversion rates which eventually develop into sales. Their main motive is to retain the client by applying all means & methods.
The enactment of every step undergoes in the sales procedures among other strategies to promote business growth. Growth hackers concentrate on business growth in not only the marketing department but other aspects too. They not only use common marketing strategies but also create new strategies to acquire and retain consumers at a low cost. Mostly this method is tried and tested in startups.
While the work of growth marketing agencies sounds like basic marketing, this technique also navigates around:
Creative marketing
Data and experiments
Automation and IT
These people harbour a combination of unique qualities including:
They are tech-savvy
Hugely rely on data-driven results and analytics
Are cretive and hungry to learn more
Has a broad array of knowledge but has prominent aptitudes.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the process of promoting brands so that they connect with potential consumers using the internet. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also SMS, Radio TV and offline initiatives come under this channel.
Abilities such as empathy and communication should be initiated in a digital marketer to augment Customer Service Management. Adequate conversational abilities in a digital marketer include variables such as spreading impactful connotations, solidifying trust, and building relationships with the consumer, clients and co-workers. Their focus points are to give the brand visual recognition & create a brand presence, generate leads and initiate engagement for the business.

Top Differences in Growth Marketing Strategies & Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies as widely known as the application of website development, website ranking, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Paid Ads etc. All of these services help your brand gain an online presence. On the other hand, a Growth Marketing Strategyfocuses on target audiences, data analytics, goal setting and experimenting with marketing programs. The ultimate motive is to make sure every idea leads toward the development and expansion of the company.
So while you have a strategy in place to make your brand reach out to the right target groups through a Digital marketing method you need to make sure that a growth marketing strategyis ensuring these ideations work for the brand and in case something is not working amendments are made at the earliest.

Similarities between Growth Marketing Hackers & Digital Marketing Hackers

Since we are understanding the differences between the two by connecting & comparing their occupancies it is essential to make a note of their common similarities also. They both work in parallel networks and undoubtedly are extremely beneficial mechanisms for the prosperity of business growth hacking . They both ensure short-term and long-term road maps for attaining fortune for the client's brand and help in building alliances.
While every Digital Growth Agency is racing to grab the coup with a mix of social media, paid ads, Seo, Affiliate and Influencer marketing and their primary focus areas depend on Digital Marketing only whereas Digital Growth ensures that there is a mix of Digital and Traditional methods of marketing to keep the sales churning for the clients to be satisfied.

Why do you need Growth Marketing & Digital Marketing?

A brand's owner is unarguably pushing hard to keep up with the current marketing trends. It doesn't make any sense of putting all the marketing ideas in place and obtaining inadequate results. A perfect balance of all instruments is not only vital but unquestionably necessary for the business to succeed. There is no hard work done unless it is not seen in numbers on your balance sheet. Results are what brand owners want and what they expect from Growth Hacking Agencies. Every business needs these services in a digital age to survive. Only an exact mix of all the services will help them achieve the outcomes they are longing for. It is definitely possible for any company whether it be a startup or a renowned experienced legacy brand. Sustaining is what these marketers will do and a growth strategy will give that additional boost for making profits. Any organisational firm today requires:-

  • Outreach
  • Recognition
  • Brand visibility
  • Brand recall
  • Brand reputation building (ORM)
  • Genuine Website Traffic
  • SEO
  • Eyeballs
  • Engagement
  • Activeness
  • Aesthetics
  • Fan following
  • Lock & Feel
  • Innovative Designs
  • Quirky Taglines
  • Participate in Latest Trends
  • Want to be Trend Setters
  • Want Paid ads to convert into potential customers
  • Responsive E-Mail Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Collaborations
  • Live Interactions
  • Strategic Plans for Organic & Inorganic methods
  • SME

All of these services are provided by a Digital Marketing Agency but the catch is if all these initiatives are working towards growth and revenue. That's when a firm also needs:-

  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • A mix of traditional and digital marketing methods
  • Corporate Communications
  • IT
  • Experimentation
  • Creative thinking

To secure, guarantee and ensure that the ideations, creative acumen and money invested will fetch yields.


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Types of Digital Marketing Services:-

Using expert opinion from a digital marketing agency, generate a strategic plan which should be formulated to lead to the primary goal of brand awareness and driving sales. Ultimately select the ones which help you float your boat.

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Before we move on to the next normal a big shout out to all the marketers out there for putting their grey cells into their brand. We as a civilisation are now adapted to numerous changes and so we are sure you have become even more agile and focused on planning the new future for your brand. Embrace the change and challenge yourself the future will be yours!

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