3 Main Aspects of Content Creation for Beginners

Content Creation is the new buzz around the internet through which thousands and lakhs of individuals try to gain recognition in their respective fields. It all started back in the 2010s when YouTube was a growing hub for videos, music, movies, etc. and many well-known Media Companies and Youtubers of today debuted in their content creation journey back in those days. On the other hand, Instagram was getting popular as a photo-sharing platform from 2014 onwards, and right after the launch of the world’s most affordable internet service i.e. JIO, the number of internet users in India outnumbered the whole population of European and American Countries in a short span of times.

The whole new cult of Content Creation emerged in the past five years, with a whopping audience from Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, giving opportunities to a large number of creators who got multiple platforms to showcase their talent. From music, photography, dance, fashion, beauty, sports, fitness to comedy, beverages, chartered accountancy, science, etc., all sorts of content are getting acknowledged by viewers worldwide.

So, what happens to be the most primary aspect behind Content Creation?

Ideas! Because everything started with an idea. For content creation, ideas are everywhere in the simplest of things. One does not need to have the mind of Quentin Tarantino to create a 30-second video, it could be as simple as a clip from your ordinary life, something so familiar and yet never been addressed by anyone before. One must identify their target audience and establish their own niche to let the social media platform know which category you belong to, for example, if you’re a musician, you must consistently share your content related to music using relevant hashtags to let the platform rank you accordingly, you cannot put three posts on music and the fourth post about cars, this will confuse the algorithm and will hold you back.

An Idea is the first step in your Content Creation journey

When your ideas are in place, and you have a clear vision of executing them, the second-most important factor in content creation is Consistency! Yes, Consistency is the key! But only for the right door of opportunities. The more consistent and regular you are in broadcasting your content, the more followers and reach you will gain, but you must have patience because “Rome wasn’t built, and a million subscribers are not achieved in a day!” The best possible way to handle the flow of regular postings is by making a content schedule for your social media handles to plan out everything in advance and then strictly act on it accordingly so that each and every post of yours gets the proper recognition it deserves!

Consistency will lead you to the success you have never imagined!

Last but not least, Communication is a must with your audience when it comes to increasing engagement through your content. No one likes to engage with a bot on the internet. We all need a human touch, something which is personal and relatable which persuades us to buy whatever you’re selling through your content. Talk to your audience whenever you can, reply to them in the DMs, reply to their comments, ask questions, answer their questions, go live and share your stories and insights. Make sure you are entertaining and somehow make them feel special! This certainly adds broader attention towards your brand!

Communicating with the audience & customers is a proven tactic to increase brand awareness

Hence, if you are a beginner in the Content Creation world, don’t be scared because all you need is to prioritize Ideas, Consistency and Communications to kick-start your journey of likes, shares and maximum reach!

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