Complete Content Strategy guide for increasing Brand Awareness

You may have come across so many folks speaking about growth, visibility, perceptions, and ideologies about how to make a brand gain the exact kind of stature in its competitive markets. You may even know the good, bad and ugly side of your business and have enough acumen for it to prevail. What business holders battle to catch up with it is an endeavour of the ever-growing digital transmission. There is just a lot and let me repeat a hell lot of information available out on the web. The internet can be everyone's home, and yet at the same time can leave you completely lost and abandoned in its tempestuous nature. Amongst all of this exploding data and keeping up with the overgrowing demanding digital marketing trends, brand owners are expected to make the sharpest and boldest strategies related to the content they publish through their sources. Brace yourself for a detailed guide for you to plan and execute a content marketing strategywhich will help you in long-run sustainability..

Step-by-Step Guide for Content Marketing


Treat this as a new venture wherein you have to use the most effective techniques of communication with your targeted audiences.The meaning of Content marketing is all about creating engaging material for attracting new customers and retaining old ones. In your initial phase, make sure you are completing this initial checklist.Examples of Content template

  1. Identify the nature of the business
  2. Be aware of the exact segmented Target Audience
  3. Check market demographics
  4. Have a vision and mission
  5. Time your goals
  6. Map your competitors

While you're setting a base, make sure the roots are defined. Set your tone of communication. How often do you wish to keep it profound, and when can you switch to colloquial language. Would you always want to jump into a trend or keep it classy by sticking to your content modules only. A brand guideline will be the best way to make a unified structure for you and your content team to follow. Never forget or get confused when it comes to who are you addressing the communication to and which vehicle will you use to market your brand.

Types of Content marketing tools:-

  1. Static Imagery
  2. Videos
  3. Reels
  4. Carousels
  5. GIFs
  6. Articles
  7. Newsletters
  8. Tabloids
  9. E/Book
  10. Blogs
  11. Vlogs
  12. Website Content
  13. Digital Ads
  14. SMS Marketing
  15. Email Marketing
  16. Push Notifications
  17. Influencer Marketing
  18. Contests
  19. Engagement Polls
  20. User-generated Content
  21. Podcasts
  22. Live Sessions
  23. Offline Marketing
  24. On-ground marketing
  25. E-Newspaper/Magazines/Websites
  26. Case Studies
  27. Webinars
  28. CTA's
  29. Reviews
  30. Interactivity
Identify, eliminate, disseminate, shuffle and select the best option which catches the essence of your brand and makes it reach the largest range of your interested customers.

Creating Engaging Content:-

We live in such a fast-paced realm that if you don't manage to arrest the customer's attention in 0.02 seconds, the opportunity is lost. Also, with the wide range of assortment and liberty of choice, it is essential to stand out amongst the multitude of the crowd. The ability to create enticing, entertaining, informative, effective and useful content which will showcase and bring the value of money to the product is what your content should talk about.

  1. Creating content that exactly hits the pain points of the customers and gives them solutions to problems they are looking out for will be hitting the bull's eye.
  2. Besides that, creating a need for the product which the customer may get attracted to will display your creative skills.
  3. Everyone loves a bit of entertainment, so if you manage to dwell into the right emotional beat of the end-user, you sure will build a close relationship with them.
  4. Make sure whatever you curate and create for them is done with sheer passion for the brand.

Distributing your Content Material:-

Once the content is ready to be published, one needs to identify where can we post it and what needs to be done at the back end. For example, professional Linked In Content is very distinct compared to engagement driven Instagram Content.

  1. Make sure you create SEO Content.
  2. Recognize which social media platform you should use for your brand.
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Snap Chat
    • Linked In
    • Quora
    • WordPress
    • Google +
  3. Which search engine should you use for research?
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Bing
    • Reddit
    • Quora
    • Buzzsumo

Only if your content is optimized at the right channel with the right analytics of time and date your reach will be maximized. Content published without SMM and SEO optimization can fall flat if not reached the exact readers and consumers.

Sharing applicable content:-

Only after the material is shared will you be able to gauge whether your social media content strategyhas been executed well or not, or is any attrition to be made in the next POA. Analytic tools will help you track and monitor the performance of your content material being published. And will give you an overview of your best-performing content. Once you have a fair idea of what is working for your brand, you can implement a more favorable strategy in terms of:-

  1. Organic Marketing
  2. In organic Paid Marketing
  3. PPC
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Google Ads
  6. YouTube Ads
  7. Website Ranking


We cannot escape from the fact of being consistent in sharing relevant examples of content marketingby applying various permutations and combinations which work for the brand. Applying the best content marketing techniques and strategies will surely help you create the brand you foresee in the future. D'Genius Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, vouches for delivering the best content marketing strategies to their clients. Log on to if you're looking forward to maximizing your brand's visibility through effective content marketing processes.